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Re: [IP] Re: humalog duration&re: extended bolus

Extended/bolus--For fat, protein such as pizza, chinese meals, biscuits, the
slower digesting foods.
Usually 1/2 amt of expected bolus at start of eating, the other 1/2 or so of
dose taken over a period of time maybe 3-5 hrs. YMMV.
there is a program on pump where you can input number of units you want to be
given over a specific number of minutes/hours.  You input this data.
You will be given speculative ideas on how much plus you can cancel it or
bolus more insulin if needed.  I think trial & err, or having an idea of how
insulin works for you with certain carbs.
I am not into that yet.  I test at 2 hr and use a correction bolus if needed,
or snack.  depending on activity, may not correct from being higher than I
want!  Linda K

> Is Novolog a newer insulin than humalog

yes, a different manufacturer

> benefits of Novolog over humalog

I find Novolog is slower, smoother working for me.  Humalog had my 2hr PP
readings below 140, my 3hr too low.  Novolog has my 2 hr pp over or under 140,
normal by 3hr & 4hr& ok in 5 hr.  YMMV    Linda K
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