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RE: [IP] Re: Diabetic dog diet

We don't know exactly what the problem is but the vet suspects the extremely
high carb content of the foods and the source, high-glycemic foods. She also
suspects a problem with preservatives. The dog has allergy and we know one
of them is to wheat so there goes a whole mess of dog foods right there.

We are thinking along the same lines as you are, feed mostly protein with
low-glycemic vegetables. He can't seem to tolerate any of the grains
actually....it poses one big problem
in controlling his glucose.

Yep, I sure know the consequences of a diabetic pet not eating so he gets
the insulin after he eats although we do have him on Lantus for his basal


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 I'm afraid I don't eat enough high-protein meals to really answer this
with any accuracy.  I eat a diet high in carbs, with a moderate amount of
protein.  I just have found that those times that I HAVE eaten a high
meal that I'll see it affects my BGL, whereas a lower protein meal, but
exclusively protein, and I see virtually no affect.

I would imagine that you would need to mostly come up with a basal rate that
keeps his BG levels normal.  Since your dog will most likely eat a pretty
consistant diet, and since that diet has virtually no carbs, then you could
treat the protein as just basal insulin requirements.  Of course, you'll
to be careful if the dog is sick or something and not eating normally.

I assume that he can't tolerate the commercial dog foods because they tend
put rice in them, which adds carbs.

But, I'm just guessing.  :-)  I'm no vet nor medical professional.

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