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Re: [IP] Re: humalog duration

I'm really surprised your endo didn't switch you to Humalog or Novolog before 
going to the pump!  Well, you will likely see many changes once you switch to 
the pump.

First, you are currently getting a very inconsistant basal rate with UL, which 
 is likely why you have different carb ratios for each meal. Once you go on the
pump, the first goal will be to get a basal rate that keeps you in a normal 
range without eating, etc.  Once this is done, you'll likely find that your 
carb ratios start to equalize to a single rate (though, this isn't true for 

 Also, your overall insulin requirements will likely decrease compared to R/UL.
Humalog is used more effectively.  In general, I think the way most endos 
handle it is this:

1. Add up your total insulin requirements as it is TODAY (for you, on R/UL).  
 2. Reduce this total by 25%. So, if you take 40 units total today, reduce this
to 30.
3. Take the reduced insulin, and apply HALF of it to your basal requirements.  
So, in this example, 15 units would be spread throughout the day.  
4. The remaining insulin will be calculated probably using the 500 rule, etc.  

This basically gives the doctor a STARTING point...but you will have a lot of 
tweaking to do initially.

>When I go from R to humalog, do you think it will
>be the same ratios as the r? I'm thinking probably not since I will be
>losing the tail effect of the R thank God! Just looking for any advice/ideas
>you or anyone else can offer me going from R insulin to humalog.
>Lastly, I use ultrelente (UL) for my basal right now but I know when I go on
>the pump this will change as well. Just giving some more info since am
>concerned of running lows on the transition from R to humalog.

Novolog and Humalog are both roughly the same "age".  (I think Novolog is 
slightly newer.)  They are very similar to one another, and in many people 
appear to behave identically.  But, there are pros/cons to each.  

Some people find they have a sensivitity to one versus the other. So, if 
Humalog causes problems, they may switch to Novolog of vice versa.   

Also, as I mentioned, Novolog has a smoother curve compared to Humalog, which 
is more "top-heavy", meaning that it peaks earlier and then quickly dies out.  
 This is good for people who eat a lot of carbs. But, if you tend to eat a more
protein-rich diet with fewer carbs (relatively speaking), you might find 
Humalog peaks TOO quickly.  Novolog, in this case, would do a better job of 
matching your eating patterns.  That is because, while Novolog starts acting 
about the same as Humalog, it peaks a bit later, and more of it lasts in your 
bloodstream longer.  However, the TOTAL duration of Novolog and Humalog are 
virtually identical.  

For the general diabetic population, you can use Novolog and Humalog pretty 
much interchangably...it's just some fine the action time of one works better 
for them versus the other.
>Is Novolog a newer insulin than humalog? What would you say is the key
>benefits to Novolog over humalog or is it just personal preference between
>Novolog and humalog?
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