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RE: i [IP] Insulin Carb Ratio - dog food (OT)

>I'm posting this (*my* OT) to tell a tip we learned at the 2nd largest
county fair in the nation - Elkhart County. The master gardener said protein
is important in the soil to grow good veggies, therefore, he spreads about
10# of cheap dry dog food over a 20'x50' plot and works it into the soil.
After it is watered in, animals can't dig it up. Thought there might be a
few gardeners here who might use this tip.

I hate to tell you Jan, most "cheap dry dog food" is about 60% carbs from a
very unhealthy source and many of these foods contain the preservatives BHA,
BHT and Ethoxiquin (sp). Also, the protein content in these foods leave much
to be desired. I just went through researching this subject a year ago and
it about made me ill to find out what I've really been feeding my pets over
years. http://www.preciouspets.org/truth.htm

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