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Re: Re: [IP] Insulin Carb Ratio

> 6:55 pm For supper had chickem & rice, biscuit, salad, cookie wafers. 81
> carbs.   Undercounted carbs by 20-25 and at 1/15 took 5.5u novolog.
> 7:56pm - felt a 'little' strange!  glucose  36 mg/dl       few minutes
> later passed out. about 8:10-15pm Paramedics arrived and started
> glucose IV,  their  glucose meter showed 23 mg/dl.
> By 9pm glucose up to 87 mg/dl,  10:14pm , up to 153 mg/dl
> Something sure did not work like I expected:)
> Think I'll forget this 'carb counting' and just  bolus on anything over
> 200mg/dl

Did you take into account the high glycemic index of the rice? It probably
hadn't even started breaking down yet and the insulin was peaking to cover
it too soon. Sounds like you need to work with you dietitian a little more
to figure out these kinds of foods (pizza, pasta, rice, etc.) and doing a
dual wave bolus next time.

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