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Re: [IP] Insulin Carb Ratio

Uh...I'm curious as to why you would think that rice, biscuits, and cookie 
 wafers would "all take longer to digest". These are almost all pure carbs, and
would enter the bloodstream very quickly.  All have a relatively high glycemic 
index.  And, for the purposes of insulin, hardly any carbs (other than fiber) 
make any difference in how quickly they digest.

In this case, the food is likely entering the bloodstream BEFORE the insulin, 
or very close to the same time.  I think the biggest problem was that it was 
 just too much insulin for the food that was eaten. It is very easy to misjudge
things like rice, and cookies if they are homemade, etc.  


>Rice, biscuit, cookie wafers all take longer to digest, all insulin was there
>before food was digested enough.
 >Wouldn't it be wise to bolus 1/2 amt required in beginning of meal, rest 1-2
>later if needed, (or use extended bolus), test at 2 hr & use correction bolus
>instead of 1/2 required insulin bolus.  A trial & err thing?  Linda K
>> For supper had chickem & rice, biscuit, salad, cookie wafers. 81 carbs.
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