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Re: [IP] Re: humalog duration

Hi Ryan and all.

Not certain if you can offer any suggestive advice here but... I am going to
go on humalog in about 1 week. Currently am taking R, the old R insulin, via
3 insulin shots a day. I plan to go on a pump in about 1 month. In the mean
time, I carb count and have 1 unit of R per 3 carb grams for breakfast, 1:13
for lunch, 1:7 for dinner. When I go from R to humalog, do you think it will
be the same ratios as the r? I'm thinking probably not since I will be
losing the tail effect of the R thank God! Just looking for any advice/ideas
you or anyone else can offer me going from R insulin to humalog.

Lastly, I use ultrelente (UL) for my basal right now but I know when I go on
the pump this will change as well. Just giving some more info since am
concerned of running lows on the transition from R to humalog.

> For me, my humalog usage is thusly:
> I use up 85% of the humalog I take in the first 1.75 hours.  THe remaining
> of the insulin is used up in the last 1.75 hours, for a total duration of
> hours.
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