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[IP] Re: Diabetic dog diet


 I'm afraid I don't eat enough high-protein meals to really answer this question
with any accuracy.  I eat a diet high in carbs, with a moderate amount of 
protein.  I just have found that those times that I HAVE eaten a high protein 
meal that I'll see it affects my BGL, whereas a lower protein meal, but 
exclusively protein, and I see virtually no affect.

I would imagine that you would need to mostly come up with a basal rate that 
keeps his BG levels normal.  Since your dog will most likely eat a pretty 
consistant diet, and since that diet has virtually no carbs, then you could 
treat the protein as just basal insulin requirements.  Of course, you'll have 
to be careful if the dog is sick or something and not eating normally.

I assume that he can't tolerate the commercial dog foods because they tend to 
put rice in them, which adds carbs.

But, I'm just guessing.  :-)  I'm no vet nor medical professional.  


>Ryan, how much of a rise do you ever see with a really high-protein meal?
>I'm not talking high-fat, just high protein. The reason I am asking is
>for.......the dog.....:) There's not a whole lot of research re diabetes in
>the veterinary community. He can't tolerate any commercial dog foods so my
>vet and I have come up with feeding him chicken, green beans, and a little
>mixed vegetables. Dogs, by the way, are pretty much like humans when it
>comes to this disease.
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