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[IP] Re: humalog duration

While it is variable to each person, I think 1 to 1.5 hours is a reasonably 
average peak time.

For me, my humalog usage is thusly:

I use up 85% of the humalog I take in the first 1.75 hours.  THe remaining 15% 
of the insulin is used up in the last 1.75 hours, for a total duration of 3.5 
hours.  Based on this, you can see that MOST humalog is used and gone during 
that first 1.5 hours. Humalog is "top heavy" compared to Novolog.  Novolog 
tends to work in a more even curve compared to Humalog.


>I've seen a post on this list that humalog takes 1.5 hours to peek and be
>out of your system. Is this true for most on the list who uses humalog? How
>long have you found that it takes humalog to be done and out of your body?
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