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Re: [IP] humalog duration

It takes about 4 hours for me. I'm one of the lucky ones I guess. Humalog 
in me acts exactly the way the spec in the carton describes it. I know with 
other people, it's not the case.  But For me I use 30% for the first 3 
hours and then 10% on the last hour.

Humalog is supposedly used at a rate of 30%, 30%, 30%, 10% of the total dose.

So if I had a high blood sugar of 300 and my target is 100 and took a bolus 
of 4 units:

The first 3 hours I will burn 30% of 4 units for each hour. {30% x 4 = 1.2 
Then the fourth hour, I'd burn  10% of 4.   {10%x4=.4 units}

If I know that 1 unit lowers me 50 points then I can calculate that  1.2 
units lowers me 60 points.
So the first 3 hours I fall about 60 points each hour. Then on the forth 
hour I'd fall about 20 points.

(So that's assuming I was 200 points above target)

My Humalog seems to peek at 1 to 1.5 hours.

At 12:38 PM 8/6/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi all.
>I've seen a post on this list that humalog takes 1.5 hours to peek and be
>out of your system. Is this true for most on the list who uses humalog? How
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