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Re: i [IP] Insulin Carb Ratio


Wayne is right.  But, to further complicate matters, your body's response to 
eating a mostly protein diet will depend on a few things.  For example, if you 
have had enough carbs in the day already, then when your body gets a mostly 
protein meal, it doesn't really need to convert the protein into glucose, etc.

Also, the TYPES of protein can play a slight factor.  Certain proteins don't 
breakdown as easily as others.  Some proteins, too, actually can break down 
into the amino acid arginine, which is known to stimulate glucagon production, 
depending on the amount.  

 If you eat carbs at some point AFTER you eat protein, then, again, the body may
not need to break down the protein into carbs.

This is certainly one of those YMMV things because there are so many factors.

But, I find, like Wayne, that if I eat an exclusively protein meal, I tend to 
see little rise in BGLs. But, that is conditional...but if I eat a LOT of 
protein, then I will see a rise several hours later.  


>Kerry, I'm on this list and have meat and cheese most days for lunch, 
>and I never bolus for it, and the BG stays as flat as when i don't 
>have any lunch. I think many people don't have their BGs rise with 
>cheese (or modest amounts of meat).   YMMV, there should be no 
>arguments here.  If anyone is uncertain, just eat a 3 oz block of 
>cheese and measure your BG.
> > I pretty much always eat a high protein low carb diet and the insulin to 
 >>ratio doesn't even work right on that. I mean . . . I am sure everyone on
>>list knows that if you eat meat and cheese for lunch it will raise your blood
>>sugar more than the insulin carb ratio alows for. Anyone else on this type of
>>diet have a solution?
>>Kerry A. Guidry
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