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Re: i [IP] Insulin Carb Ratio

Kerry, I'm on this list and have meat and cheese most days for lunch, 
and I never bolus for it, and the BG stays as flat as when i don't 
have any lunch. I think many people don't have their BGs rise with 
cheese (or modest amounts of meat).   YMMV, there should be no 
arguments here.  If anyone is uncertain, just eat a 3 oz block of 
cheese and measure your BG.

 > I pretty much always eat a high protein low carb diet and the insulin to carb
>ratio doesn't even work right on that. I mean . . . I am sure everyone on this
>list knows that if you eat meat and cheese for lunch it will raise your blood
>sugar more than the insulin carb ratio alows for. Anyone else on this type of
>diet have a solution?
>Kerry A. Guidry
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