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Re: [IP] Insulin Carb Ratio

There are many factors that can "modify" a normal response to a low.  For 
example, I have learned that if I'm more tired than usual, I'll experience 
different symptoms for a low than other times.

Of all of the symptoms I experience, the "normal" one I get is that weak/shaky 
feeling.  But, depending on various circumstances I might not get that and get 
any one or more of the following:

* Blurred vision or "spots" in front of my eyes
* Extreme tiredness (rapid onset) or depressed feeling
* Tingling lips, fingers
* Disorientation
* Lack of concentration
* Headache (this is USUALLY after an extreme low, however)
* Extreme hunger
* Inability to sleep/restlessness
* Irritibility

I think it is important for diabetics to learn the COMPLETE list of potential 
 symptoms for lows because even though you might not USUALLY experience them, if
you don't get your usual symptoms, you need to be aware of other signs.

Anytime you feel ANYTHING out of the ordinary, even if you can attribute it to 
something else, CHECK YOUR BGL!!!  This is particularly important if you are 
going to drive.  I'm starting to get into the habit of checking my BGL even if 
I feel perfectly fine before I drive.  For one, legally speaking, I could lose 
my license if I were pulled over and I was experiencing a low.  (Yes, this is 
justified, and in Michigan, you lose your license until you can show you have 
gone 6 months without ANY lows, which is virtually impossible.) Secondly, I am 
a danger to myself and others on the road due to my diabetes if I'm low.  

In this particular situation, chalk it up to a lesson learned about 
yourself...add "sad and depressed" to your list of symptoms of low BGL.  


>It was 25!  My goodness, I had none of the
>typical feelings I normally have with lows plus I was
>functioning fine except for feeling sad and depressed.
> I do not understand how I could have been functioning
>with that low of a BG.  It scared me as I definately
>would not be out and about driving like that.  I
>normally will feel very icky and disoriented at a BG
>arond 40, so why not this time?  
>Blessings, Cynthia
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