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Re: [IP] Insulin Carb Ratio

At 07:27 AM 8/6/03 -0700, you wrote:
>Sounds like you absorbed something slower than you
>thought you would, or normally do?  I have had to use
>the square wave function a lot and it seems to help
>me.  I had a strange experience yesterday and maybe
>some of you can explain this one:
>I ate a lot of licorice at work and so I kept bolusing
>to cover what I was eating.  I started to feel
>depressed in the afternoon and attributed it to some
>situations going on in my life right now. I drove home
>and felt very sad and tearful.  Ran some errands
>before going home and once I did get home I checked my
>BG.  It was 25!  My goodness, I had none of the
>typical feelings I normally have with lows plus I was
>functioning fine except for feeling sad and depressed.
>  I do not understand how I could have been functioning
>with that low of a BG.  It scared me as I definately
>would not be out and about driving like that.  I
>normally will feel very icky and disoriented at a BG
>arond 40, so why not this time?
>Blessings, Cynthia

Cynthia, it may depend on how tight your control is.  I keep my control 
very tight (last A1c was 5.0), and sometimes I don't feel those types of 
lows.  Best to test more often, especially before you start driving.

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