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RE: [IP] Insulin Carb Ratio

Sorry to hear this happened. I've found carb counting to work exceptionally
well but you have to  know your own personal insulin to carb ratio. Maybe
you should refigure your ratio as it sounds as if that may be the problem.
Hope this NEVER happens to you again, that had to be terrible and I hope
you're feeling better.


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Interesting evening!
6:55 pm For supper had chickem & rice, biscuit, salad, cookie wafers. 81
carbs.   Undercounted carbs by 20-25 and at 1/15 took 5.5u novolog.
7:56pm - felt a 'little' strange!  glucose  36 mg/dl       few minutes
later passed out.
about 8:10-15pm Paramedics arrived and started glucose IV,  their
glucose meter showed 23 mg/dl.

By 9pm glucose up to 87 mg/dl,  10:14pm , up to 153 mg/dl

Something sure did not work like I expected:)

Think I'll forget this 'carb counting' and just  bolus on anything over


Kerry Guidry wrote:

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> I pretty much always eat a high protein low carb diet and the insulin to
>ratio doesn't even work right on that. I mean . . . I am sure everyone on
>list knows that if you eat meat and cheese for lunch it will raise your
>sugar more than the insulin carb ratio alows for. Anyone else on this type
>diet have a solution?
>Kerry A. Guidry
>Type 1
>Dx'd 1-1989
>Pumping 6-2003
>>>Also has anyone else found that specific foods do not work with the
>>to carb ratio?  Bread and a few others reck havoc with Mich's
>>numbers.  I was thinking of giving him 50% more insulin for these
>>foods. Em
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