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Re: [IP] Insulin Carb Ratio

Interesting evening!
6:55 pm For supper had chickem & rice, biscuit, salad, cookie wafers. 81 
carbs.   Undercounted carbs by 20-25 and at 1/15 took 5.5u novolog.
7:56pm - felt a 'little' strange!  glucose  36 mg/dl       few minutes 
later passed out.
about 8:10-15pm Paramedics arrived and started glucose IV,  their 
glucose meter showed 23 mg/dl.

By 9pm glucose up to 87 mg/dl,  10:14pm , up to 153 mg/dl

Something sure did not work like I expected:)

Think I'll forget this 'carb counting' and just  bolus on anything over 


Kerry Guidry wrote:

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> I pretty much always eat a high protein low carb diet and the insulin to carb
>ratio doesn't even work right on that. I mean . . . I am sure everyone on this
>list knows that if you eat meat and cheese for lunch it will raise your blood
>sugar more than the insulin carb ratio alows for. Anyone else on this type of
>diet have a solution?
>Kerry A. Guidry
>Type 1
>Dx'd 1-1989
>Pumping 6-2003
>>>Also has anyone else found that specific foods do not work with the insulin
>>to carb ratio?  Bread and a few others reck havoc with Mich's
>>numbers.  I was thinking of giving him 50% more insulin for these
>>foods. Em
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