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[IP] Re: breastfed babies (Informal Tally of responses)

>Unfortunately, the sample size is not enough to be conclusive in any
>way.  The only conclusion I would hesitate to draw at all, is that
>breast feeding will not prevent Type 1 diabetes.  Weather or not it
>delays it remains to be seen.
>Perhaps we can come up with a survey that could be added to a web site
>that can ask questions and display a real-time tally of responses???
>- -sonya

 This survey is not valid in ANY way shape or form to draw ANY conclusions. You
 are posting this survey to a board that is primarily those who are already Type
 1 diabetic (I know, I know...there are Type 2s as well). Such a survey is only
 determining of those Type 1 diabetics who are on insulin pumps, what percentage
of them were breastfed.

But, this survey is sort of equivilent to going to a hospital to conduct a 
 survey on how healthy the general public in the nation is. You would find very
disproportionate numbers from reality.

In order to conduct a true and useful survey on the matter, you would have to 
randomly sample the general population, asking (1) if they have Type 1 
diabetes, and (2) were they breast fed or formula fed.  Then, you have to 
compare the percentage of those who were formula fed that became Type 1 
diabetic to those who were breast fed.

Asking ONLY those who were diagnosed as Type 1 would NOT be a very good survey 
at all.


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