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Re: [IP] Need Dallas Attorney

From: Michael Kurtis (email @ redacted) 8/6/03  7:18AM EST

I am on the Paradygm since switching over in October from the 508. I am
extremely diligent with testing and records, and because of family history
with heart desease I do all I can to lessen the odds for myself. HbA1c is
always between between 5.0 & 6.0 over past two years. Cholestrol (LDL in
70s, HDL upper 40s to low 50s, Trygl below 100. I take 2 baby asperin a
day, Zocor 20, and 1 glass of red dry wine (Chianti) at dinner every night
as recommended in numerous articles in the light to moderate consumption of
1-2 5 oz glasses (my 1 glass is 8 oz).

On July 9th, I had an unusually long work day (7AM-1:30 AM the following
day). I manage construction projects, my super was on vacation, the client
was changing work scope and requesting the project renovating a Hospital ER
to complete 3 weeks ahead of schedule. 
On July 10th after getting home at 7:30, having dinner & my constitutional
glass of wine I went to the gas station and bank, both 5 minutes from home.
I never made it. I was changng a books on tape CD, alone on the road I was
driving on. The case was slipping off the next seat & I grabbed for it. The
car swerved, not enough to cause an accident, but enough to get a reaction
of a near by policeman. Red lights flashing, coordination tests, cuffs,
bretholizers (2) under minimal limits, but because of the cooedination
tests I was given summons for a hearing on DWAI, reckless Driving and
crossing a white line. I don't think I was low but could have been. My
adren. probably kicked in in the station, but no blood testing was done.

I am awaiting the hearing and looking for as many articles on
diabetes-Heart Desease and benefits of wine/alcohol on reducing risk. But
need articles not noting hazards of driving. Its OK to note in articles one
must eat when drinking to avoid lows as that's the only times I drink as
almost 3 years of daily reports show as well.

Can anyone help in this matter? I live in Rockland County, NY. The incident
was in Mahwah, NJ (Bergen County). The hearing is August 26th. 

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On 8/5/03 2:52 PM, "George Lovelace" <email @ redacted> Demonstrated
stellar typing skills by writing:

 > A friend whose son is on MDI had a hypo and was pulled over by the
 > and his doctor have gotten involved on this and now he is threatened by
> his license.

I am sorry to read about this man's woes, it must be terrible. I did mention
it to a couple of friends in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I hope they can
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