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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #440

 Hi...off for a little this week and came back and read about the xray in
 As an Xray tech myself..the heat generated from xrays is at the anode tube not
at the xray site ..this is enclosed and kept cool...with xray equipment used to
generate enough penetration to be exposed to xray film thru a cassette.
 As a patient you have never felt heat when you had an xray....the airport xrays
are at a very low dose and no heat is produced...
 Now Radiation treatment is different where the pt is exposed to heat and may
recieve a burn although rare but occasional sunburn effect is more common.
 I would think that if your insulin was in the luggage area has increased temp
changes may effect it..but I missed the original message.
Just my 2 sense

 Dawn Vesneske partylite Candle Consultant & Recruiter847-740-8851
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