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[IP] Re; insulin as a bodybuilder

A snippet from that article:
<<<"Insulin has a half-life of four minutes in the human body; it vanishes
rapidly and would be very difficult to detect. Even when detected, it is
impossible to detect from the athlete's own insulin," he said.>>>

Would someone explain to me what a half-life of 4 minutes for insulin is???

Also, EPO/erythropoietin/Procrit/Epogen is a hormone produced by the kidneys
that cause the bone marrow to make red blood cells. This is another
injectable that is being abused by athletes, undetected. When the kidneys
fail, the patient's iron levels are diminished and supplements are given,
then EPO injections. That stuff is costly!!! and Rx only. They think EPO is
going to give them more stamina (red blood cells) - and WIN!

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