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RE: [IP] Re: breastfed babies (Informal Tally of responses)

Since I posted the original question, I figured I would post an informal
tally of responses since somebody asked.

Of those that answered, 16 said they had breast fed (or been breast fed)
and developed Type 1.  4 of 5 that said there were formula fed babies
were type 1.  Of those that were breast fed, 4 were for less than 6
months and they developed type 1 at 10.5m, 11.5m, 20m and 20m (m =
months).  Greater than 6 months but less than 12 months were 2, one dx'd
at 4 year, the other at 11 years.  7 breast fed for between 12 and 24
months (exclusively), dx'd at 19m, 27m, 3y, 4y, 9.5y, 10y, and 20y.  Of
the 3 that did not say how long they were breastfed, dx'd at 4y, 6.5y,
and 11y.

Unfortunately, the sample size is not enough to be conclusive in any
way.  The only conclusion I would hesitate to draw at all, is that
breast feeding will not prevent Type 1 diabetes.  Weather or not it
delays it remains to be seen.

Perhaps we can come up with a survey that could be added to a web site
that can ask questions and display a real-time tally of responses???

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