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Re: [IP] globe and mail article - athletes using insulin

This "article" was written by on <mailto:email @ redacted>e 
Patrick Gamboa B.S. (kinda makes you wonder what the "BS" stands for, 
doesn't it?)  FYI, his e-mail address is email @ redacted 
<mailto:email @ redacted> in case any of you would like to express 
your opinions....

email @ redacted wrote:

>In a message dated 8/5/2003 1:03:59 PM Alaskan Daylight Time, 
>email @ redacted writes: 
>>insulin to bulk up???  some people really are aiming to win the darwin
>Actually, I heard of this about 6 months ago, and thought it was really 
> stupid and basically "playing with fire"! While wandering through Ebay
>listings, I
>came across a vial of insulin for sale with the listing headed something like 
 >Insulin for Bodybuilders and I was like Huh?????? Out of curiosity (and I am a
>very curious person), I emailed the seller to ask Huh??? and was sent to an 
> article about insulin use for bodybuilding. See the article at: <A
>HREF="http://www.protraineronline.com/past/may1/insulin.cfm">Insulin for
>All I could do was shake my head and feel sorry for those who are obsessed 
 > with their look, muscles and exercise. Personally, though the look of a
>body is important in the sense of cleanliness and health, I was always taught 
>by my parents that it is what is inside that counts. The mental attitude, 
> politeness, and the way we treat others. It is not the color of skin, hair
>or the make-up worn.
>Ok, enough of my ramblings, 
>Tina Hudspeth dxd age 28, 1994
>On insulin 1996
>Pumping 4/10/03 and loving it. 
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: