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Re: [IP] globe and mail article - athletes using insulin

In a message dated 8/5/2003 1:03:59 PM Alaskan Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes: 
> insulin to bulk up???  some people really are aiming to win the darwin
> award...

Actually, I heard of this about 6 months ago, and thought it was really 
 stupid and basically "playing with fire"! While wandering through Ebay
listings, I
came across a vial of insulin for sale with the listing headed something like 
Insulin for Bodybuilders and I was like Huh?????? Out of curiosity (and I am a 
very curious person), I emailed the seller to ask Huh??? and was sent to an 
 article about insulin use for bodybuilding. See the article at: <A
HREF="http://www.protraineronline.com/past/may1/insulin.cfm">Insulin for

All I could do was shake my head and feel sorry for those who are obsessed 
 with their look, muscles and exercise. Personally, though the look of a persons
body is important in the sense of cleanliness and health, I was always taught 
by my parents that it is what is inside that counts. The mental attitude, 
 politeness, and the way we treat others. It is not the color of skin, hair
or the make-up worn.

Ok, enough of my ramblings, 
Tina Hudspeth dxd age 28, 1994
On insulin 1996
Pumping 4/10/03 and loving it. 
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