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Re: [IP] Need Dallas Attorney

I was in the same situation here in Canada although I was not pulled over by
the police I had to go to the ER because of a hypo.  The doctor was
obligated by law to report this to the Ministry of Transportation in the
Province of Ontario. My drivers license was suspended  and yes I was mad and
upset. BUT if you take the time to think about it. The safety of the public
and the driver is at risk unless they can recognize they are having a hypo.
I did eventually got my license back after proving to the powers to be that
I was fit to drive. A person near the city I live in was killed by a man
driving that was having a hypo. He used that as his defense guess what he is
sitting in a jail cell now. Not driving for a while isn`t the end of the
world there is public transport cabs ect I would think in Dallas.  I am not
trying to be mean just relating my own experience.   Hope things can work
out for your friend.     Mike in Canada
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>  A friend whose son is on MDI had a hypo and was pulled over by the
Police. The
>  and his doctor have gotten involved on this and now he is threatened by
> his license.
>  If anyone knows a good attorney in the Dallas area who is familiar with
> please write to
> Pete Yost @
>                        email @ redacted
> Thanks,
> George
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