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[IP]Deltec Cozmo Trial

I was asked by my Endo's office to participate in a 30 day trial of the Deltec
Cozmo Pump.  I jumped at the opportunity, and would like to pass on some of my
experiences to you.

1.  The Cozmo was all I thought it would be, and a 30 day printout from my One
Touch Ultrasmart shows in graphic detail that my blood sugars improved
dramatically.  I attribute this primarily to the ability to adjust basals by a
percentage factor.  In other words, when mowing grass, I input a temporary
basal of 20%.  The Cozmo even allowed me to have a basal rate entitled "Mowing
Grass", which automatically put the pump into a 20% mode.  I also had other
temporary  rates entitled "Brisk Walk" and "Fishing" - - - -Each of these
requires a different percentage reduction to my normal basal rate.

2. Another feature that I love about the Cozmo is the Correction bolus.  You
input your blood sugar reading and the pump suggests a corrective bolus (based
on input values which you have previously stored).  The pump injects the
corrective bolus and takes into account any on-board insulin from a previous
bolus.  I always carried a little calculator with me to figure these things
out, but now it is all done by the pump.

3.  There are several warning features which you can use (or not use if you
prefer).  The one I like best is a warning to check blood glucose two hours
after a meal.  I always get busy and forget to check at the proper time, but
now the pump tells me when to check.

4.  The main menu screen on the Cozmo has a meter showing remaining units of
insulin in the cartridge, and battery power remaining.  This, to me, is a
great feature.

When I finished my 30 day test, I was supposed to return the pump on 8-4-03.
I did so, but I told my CDE that I would rather fight than give it back to
her.  She called Deltec and they agreed to let me keep it and process
paperwork to my insurance company.  So now, I am a happy Cozmo pumper.

For your information, I was a Minimed 507C pumper for 4 years, and was totally
happy with the 507C.  I never had any problems that were not promptly handled
by Minimed.  When my warranty expired, I evaluated all the pumps, and in my
opinion, the Cozmo offered more features than the other available pumps.  I
don't work for either of these companies - - -I'm just another pumper like you

George Davis
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