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[IP] More MM good/bad

Good news is, my "replacement" pump arrived this morning and it's sooooo
quiet!  So that problem is solved (yay!)!  I have a week to send the old one
back of course, so I am going to try to record that horrible noise it was
making for you all to hear.. I know it is not my imagination! :)

Bad news.. the paradigm clip that I've had just a few months (since the end
of Feb, almost immediately after it was released) broke when I went to clip
on my pump after getting all the settings switched over.  I'm a little
dissapointed in that, well maybe a little dissapointed wasn't the right
word.. I was livid at the time (no I didn't over react, I was just VERY
frustrated), so I had my husband call MM up and get them to replace it
free.. I wasn't even in a mood where I could have even tried to be civil!
So now I have a quiet pump, and no way to attach it (not sure where my
holster is, but I wouldn't use it anyways - too bulky!)  I didn't abuse my
clip, 90% of the time it was clipped to my bra (and I can wear my pump there
without any clip, so I know that isn't much strain) or the pump was inside
my pocket wtih the clip outside.. but anyways it just snapped right where
the "openings" above and below minimed on the clip meet the part next to the
springs.. but they're sending me a new one so I can't really complain..
unless of course I go through oh, say, 8 of them? <VBG>

More good news, I finally signed up w/ MM's new online store to order
supplies rather than trying to call them up and have them talk me through
everything, and it was very easy and all my insurance info was already
there.  So if you haven't tried it yet, go for it.. easy to pick and choose
what you need and if you're like me all the insurance info is already in
there for ya (it's magic!), and NO sitting on the phone trying to keep a two
year old, who insists that whatever phone I am using is "his" phone, from
trying to take over the conversation and/or hang up on MM.  Much easier 'on
me.. and MM too I hope!

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