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[IP] heat? Humalog?


I started pumping in a climate even warmer than YOUR work environment. I
live in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and the summer temps here reach into the low
hundreds and I spend a great deal of time OUTSIDE playing. Plus, we keep our
indoor temp at home in the high seventies or low eighties.

I USED to pump. I noticed that insulin requirements would increase toward
the middle of the second day after inserting a new set. My rep recommended
changing from the plastic to the glass cartridge. That didn't have any
effect at all. I just continued to increase my basal rates on the third day
(or whenever my sensitivity seemed to decrease}. Then, for some reason, I
went back to using the stainless "Rapid" sets that I still had (I think I
just wanted to use them up before I ordered some new sets) and found that my
sugars did NOT start to increase after the second day. In fact, I then
learned that I could keep one of those stainless steel sets in for five days
with NO irritation at the site and no decrease in the potency of the

Now, I am NOT recommending leaving sites in for over two or three days) but
I did learn that my own body responds to the plastic in the sets I was using
with an inflammatory response. That also caused the uptake and utilization
of the insulin to decrease. Some people have a mild inflammation from the
chemistry of the components in the insulin preparation. That is what causes
the short useful life of pure Humalog in some. That is why they get longer
useful life from mixing a little regular insulin with their Humalog or
mixing in Novolog or using pure Novolog. The chemistry in each insulin is a
little different. But, this is one of those things that differs from
individual to individual and even in the same person from day to day or year
to year. That is called a "your mileage may vary YMMV".

I just thought I would type and let you know what I found that caused that
problem in MY case.

Good luck.


Nick Trubov
and all the little Trubovs
Lorree, Eupie & Corbin
email @ redacted
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