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[IP] Re: breastfed babies

At 02:15 AM 8/5/2003, you wrote:
> > That's pretty much proof positive that it was not the vaccine. It
> > take much longer than 6 months for the body to destroy enough beta
> > cells to exhibit symptoms of type 1. The current studies underway
> > show antibodies years before symptoms appear.
> >
>But then Michael how do you explain the babies (under a year)
>that are dxd with type 1?

There is not one single cause of diabetes.  There are many causes, though the 
 most common cause is the autoimmune cause. There are other ways to become Type
1 diabetic, including birth defects that make you "born" with Type 1.

But, I would like to reiterate that vaccines have, time and time again, proven 
 to be safe. For years, there was the "hypothesis" that vaccines cause autism.
This has since been discredited through numerous studies...but to this day, 
people's own anecdotal evidence makes them doubt it.  

My mom has wondered in the past if a problem that I had shortly after I was 
 born was the problem. I started getting these swollen glands on the neck that,
 she said, literally projected from the sides of my head a few inches. I had to
go into the hospital and they did minor surgery to drain the fluid.  THe 
 doctor's had no idea what the cause was. I was diagnosed with Type 1 at age 9,
though in hind sight, with symptoms starting probably a year or two earlier.  
Was this mysterious illness I had as a baby the cause?  

It is so easy to find corresponding data...but such data is no more than 
coicidence in isolated cases.  So, type 1 diabetes is MOSTLY diagnosed at a 
young age, around when vaccines are.  That doesn't mean one caused the other 
any more than the fact that I started to lose my baby teeth just before I was 

If they knew WHAT caused type 1 diabetes (or, at least, a majority of cases) 
then we would likely have a preventative measure by now.

It only makes sense that there would be a DECREASE in cases for breastfed 
babies.  It isn't a cure or fully preventative measure...but what IS known is 
that breastfeeding helps a child's immune system to develop better than those 
on a formula diet.  Boosting the immune system will, of course, help the body 
to fight off whatever triggers the autoimmune response to begin with.  But, 
breastfeeding alone isn't enough.  So many environmental factors, not to 
mention the type of diet and health of the mother, living conditions, etc., 
could play a factor as well.

 IF, in fact, a vaccination CAUSED my diabetes...oh well! The fact is that as a
diabetic, I am able to live a long and productive life.  However, had I 
contracted one of the diseases had I not been vaccinated, I might be dead or 
disabled today.  But, I don't see any reason to believe vaccinations have 
caused my diabetes.

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