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Re: [IP] Musings on IV-Prep

> So, after my shower I painted a big swath on my side, let it dry and
> jabbed in a new site 


>    My un-scientific hypothesis is that the IV-Prep leaves a residue
>    on 
> the skin that the site sticks to.  When you sweat, it dissolves the
> residue, and with it the site's bond.    FYI, my normal site change
> procedure goes like this:  shower, shave site area, clean with
> alcohol & let dry, paint a betadyne "bullseye" where I want the
> needle to go & let dry, stick in the site.

It might be the bath bar you are using. Many of these contain skin 
softners that do leave a residue on the skin that interferes with 
both the adhesive on the sets and the effectiveness of any skin prep. 
Try using a "hard" soap when you shower. Most of these do not contain 
additives that cause this kind of problem.

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