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[IP] Musings on IV-Prep

Greetings all,
  All the hot, humid weather here in Richmond, VA has given me cause to 
gather a little empirical data on the effectiveness of IV-Prep in 
keeping infusion sites stuck to my body.  I normally don't use the 
stuff, but on this particular day I knew I was going to be doing a lot 
of work out in the yard so I thought I would give some a try.  So, after 
my shower I painted a big swath on my side, let it dry and jabbed in a 
new site (Disetronic UltraFlex-II, 8mm) and headed out the door. 
   After about five hours of sweaty, yet unsatisfying work, I went 
inside for a shower and noticed that the site had just about peeled 
completely off!  I remember thinking to myself, "Boy, I'm glad I used 
that IV-Prep."  I put on a new site, with IV-Prep,  and by the time I 
got back from work the next day I noticed that the site was starting to 
peel  around the edges.  After three days, it definitely needed to be 
changed because it was almst ready to fall off again. 
  Last weekend my project was to install a supercharger on my car (don't 
ask, it's a sickness worse than diabetes... ), so I decided to skip the 
IV-Prep to see what would happen.  Well, after two days of sweaty, yet 
very satisfying work, the site was still stuck tight.  Interesting. . .
   My un-scientific hypothesis is that the IV-Prep leaves a residue on 
the skin that the site sticks to.  When you sweat, it dissolves the 
residue, and with it the site's bond.    FYI, my normal site change 
procedure goes like this:  shower, shave site area, clean with alcohol & 
let dry, paint a betadyne "bullseye" where I want the needle to go & let 
dry, stick in the site.
   Well, thanks for the attention.

Bob, pumping Novolog with my now banned D-tron+
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