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Re: [IP] Dual Wave

>>jimb, I need to say OUCH to your email.  First off I am affected more than

>>you can ever understand unless you are a parent and have gone through
>>anything bad with your child.  Believe it or not, of the 2 real bad lows
>>Mich had experienced on MDI I suffered more than he did.  He never
>>remembered either and I had nightmares for weeks.

OH.. i dont know about that..... I dont think i would say to you:
"You have no idea, what IR feels like, unless you yourself, have experienced

>> I suffered more than he did.
Im sure you suffered, and a lot, but Im not sure about "more then him" ??

he may have remembered, but, its the kind of feeling, 
i think i can safely say, YMMV or not, that NONE of us "care to remember"
(i mean no offense, by making this assumption)

I dont know jim, but i'd say: "he is likely, quite aware, of the feeling, more
than you might care to know"

 Dual Wave is quite an "inexact science" (IMO), and id think jim, was just
"be cautious, and make you aware of that"
(which is why, when i emailed you, i stated, this is an "Explanation", not a
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