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Re: [IP] heat and humalog

email @ redacted wrote:

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>See I knew there was a reason NOT to exercise!!!:)

>Don't downplay the role of exercise in RAISING your blood sugar level.  
>Exercise can DEFINITELy cause such a rise.  Exercise triggers the release of 
 > adrenaline and/or endorphine's which can cause a release of
>This ensures an adequate glucose supply is available for the exercise.  Some 
 >people make a mistake of decreasing insulin during exercise, but before I when
>on the pump, the nurse (who, unlike many, was HIGHLY educated in the area of 
>how the body works) warned about doing so.  It partly depends on the type of 
>exercise.  Anyhow, she said it is better to continue giving NORMAL basal 
 > insulin during insulin and eat a bit of carbs to keep the BGL elevated
>THe insulin is necessary to convert the carbs into energy.  If you decrease 
>your insulin or not have enough, your BG will rise in response because the 
>exercise will deplete resources equickly.
>Anyhow, back to Humalog...I've found Humalog to be stable for quite some time 
>even in heat...well beyond a normal pump change rate.  I used to keep my 
>insulin unrefridgerated.  THe Humalog would last about 25 days before losing 
>potency.  (And, once it did, I could tell almost immediately..it is like one 
>day it works, the next day my BGLs are shooting way up.)  Now, I refridgerate 
>my insulin except for what is in the pump.  
>It is true, however, that Novolog is less susceptible to heat.  However, for 
>me, the curve for how it works in the body isn't ideal for me.  It takes too 
> long to peak compared to Humalog. (Novolog has a smoother curve than Humalog.
 >Humalog peaks sooner, where MOST of the insulin is gone in 1.5 hours. Novolog
 >is just peaking around that 1.5 hour mark, obviously give or take.) So, if you
 > eat a LOT of carbs, then Humalog will likely work better for you. If you eat
>smaller amount of carbs at a sitting, then Novolog will likely work fine.
>>No, I'm *sure* it was the insulin's fault.  I just remember my blood
>>sugar was high (maybe high 100s, not completely sure) so I bolused, then
>>exercised.  I honestly don't think I would have had a 275 after a
>>not-so-high-in-carbs meal WITHOUT the extra bolus and WITHOUT exercising.
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