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[IP] Re: breastfed babies

 -- On Tue 08/05, < email @ redacted > wrote:

From: [mailto: email @ redacted]Subject: [IP] Re: breastfed babies
 > That's pretty much proof positive that it was not the vaccine. It> take
much longer than 6 months for the body to destroy enough beta> cells to
exhibit symptoms of type 1. The current studies underway> show antibodies
years before symptoms appear.
 But then Michael how do you explain the babies (under a year)that are dxd with
type 1? Sincerely, Barbara A. Petzoldt
 My interest in this was peaked because of my stepdaughter. Now I don't know if
she was breastfed or not. I didn't enter her life until she was 12 shortly after
she was diagnosed. She is 19 now. Her 17 year old sister, Pam, blamed herself
for giving Kim diabetes. You see, Pam got the flu about 2 weeks before Kim did.
About 2 weeks after Kim got well, she ended up in the hospital and that's when
they discovered the diabetes. Well, at 10 (that's how old Pam was at the time)
your mind makes all sorts of connections and Pam, naturally blamed herself. It
took an article from Reader's Digest before I could convince her that SHE wasn't
at fault. That Kim had the diabetes gene in her to begin with. And that's where
this is heading. I know I had read it somewhere. That they had found several
genes in the genome sequence that were specific for type I diabetes. NOT ALL
diabetics, but some of them. Maybe I stretched the truth with Pam but if it took
the guilt off of a 14 year old, I'd do
  it again in a heart beat. Anyway, here is the best explaination I've found of
all the possible reasons for type I's including the viruses...but I was looking
for the genetic and that is what they had. http://www.uwrf.edu/~kk00/group1/ Liz

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