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[IP] Re: 8 Paradigm failures

Sarah, They are losing money on you. I'll bet that somewhere inside MM there
is a folder with your name and the reasons for 7 failures. You can do
yourself and the persons on this list a great service by trying to get that
failure-analysis list. After all,some mistakes have been made and you should
be able to know if the problem is with you ( so far,a faithful customer) or
somewhere else.    Peter

> Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2003 14:47:07 -0500
> From: "Sarah Easter" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: Re: [IP] Going to call MM about Paradigm #8
> Here's a run down as best as I can recall as to why pumps were replaced..
> First one - Constant "no delivery" alarms with boluses just weeks after
> getting my first Paradigm (upgrade from 508)... MM only agreed to replace
> the pump when it was shown I could make it happen with the pump NOT attached
> to me and after making me fill a new resevior and trying new tubing.  Prior
> to that, they of course told me *I* was doing something wrong. I stopped
> using that pump after I called because it was too frustrating and went back
> on shots for a day.
> Second through sixth pumps were replaced for software issues.  Mostly E-21's
> where I continued to use the pump intil a new one arrived but I think I had
> another weird error in there as well which made them not only send me a new
> one, but they told me not to use my pump before the new one arrived as it
> couldn't be considered reliable.  Man I'm wishing I'd written that one down
> now..
> Seventh pump was replaced just about a week after I got it due to a motor
> error, it stopped working completely and gave me an error, which it did not
> recover from, and I was on shots over the weekend because it happened late
> Friday night past when they could ship for Saturday delivery.
> Eighth pump is making "grindy-click" noise.. took me several weeks to call
> MM about it, but they are sending me yet "another" refurbished one.  I've
> had this one since the middle of March, and it's arguably the "longest" I've
> kept a single paradigm.
> Sarah
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