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Re: [IP] heat and humalog

"I guess the question is: Are you *sure* it was the insulin's fault?
there have been an undetected bubble? Since you were sooo tired could you
have skipped the *prime the 0.5u inside you part*? Several things could
to mind. Having experienced several 400+ BGs after a site change and
once trashing a vial of Humalog, perhaps there were several other factors
involved and it was not the insulin's fault. *I* would not have panicked
a 275 BG. Did a bolus bring it down? (~_^)"

No, I'm *sure* it was the insulin's fault.  I just remember my blood
sugar was high (maybe high 100s, not completely sure) so I bolused, then
exercised.  I honestly don't think I would have had a 275 after a
not-so-high-in-carbs meal WITHOUT the extra bolus and WITHOUT exercising.
 I know exercising CAN raise blood sugar, and so can stress.  I didn't
change the site, just the reservoir :)  Anyway, it wasn't a whole vial of
insulin I trashed, just the tiny bit that remained in the bottle.  I
guess I should have done exactly what I did (opened a new bottle) but
held on to the old one and tested it again later to be sure.  It was such
a small amount, and I had been at a hot theme park for hours, so it did
get hot.  Still, who knows what caused the 275.  


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