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Re: [IP] Insurance frustrations

Hehe.. nope I got you beat!

I'm a T1, had BCBS of SoCal, a1c was 13.9 still. played between
8-14 most times. They still hassled me several times over and for 2yrs.
They in the end denied me, saying to my doc. MDI and increasing my
insulin would work.Odd thing is.. when I increase insulin, I tend to go
higher instead of lower. Go figure. Yes, my endo has several other patients
on pumps from MiniMed. Even MiniMed said my endo was a good one.

I was lucky enough to fenagle this pump. My meter avg have gone from
250's to 140's since May 5th when I started pumping.

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Sent: Monday, August 04, 2003 8:06 PM
Subject: RE: [IP] Insurance frustrations

>  Len, it really depends on your insurance company. I'm a type II and we
> have the hardest time getting pumps on the planet. The worst hbA1c I've
ever had
> was at diagnosis. After that, my worst one was just before I went on
insulin at
> a 7.4 (and no I am not bragging, it JUST a statement to let people know
> this has nothing to do with control). That was a year ago in June 2002.
Now I am
> getting a pump, should be delivered on Wed. (my endo has been on vacation
> the last 10 days). Anyway, the Animas rep told me that what was helpful in
> case was the fact that I had been to the ER at least once while on insulin
> that my numbers were still unstable enough. I still have some fairly
> lows. Btw, my insurance company is Aetna. And to the lady with Cigna...I'm
> sorry, I really am. I've had to deal with them before and I wouldn't wish
> one on my worse enemy. Liz
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