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RE: [IP] Insurance frustrations

 --- On Mon 08/04, len lutz < email @ redacted > wrote:

 From: len lutz [mailto: email @ redacted]Subject: [IP] Insurance
frustrationsive been under pretty good control, for most of my life (more or
less)....there was no way, any insurance was going to pay for a pump, just to
make my life better......SO, i made the decision to eat like a.............
well................... to blow it,that did it, 2 a1c's, over 9, (where i was
usually 6.4 to 7, in the past, on old fashion mdi)I'm sure they felt, that,
considering this situation , it was going to cost them more, then the cost of
pumping...My PERSONAL feeling is, the better control you show, without a pump,
the less chance you have, of them ok'ing it.imo, from an insurance company's
point of view, its cost, not care(NHOMD)
 Len, it really depends on your insurance company. I'm a type II and we probably
have the hardest time getting pumps on the planet. The worst hbA1c I've ever had
was at diagnosis. After that, my worst one was just before I went on insulin at
a 7.4 (and no I am not bragging, it JUST a statement to let people know that
this has nothing to do with control). That was a year ago in June 2002. Now I am
getting a pump, should be delivered on Wed. (my endo has been on vacation for
the last 10 days). Anyway, the Animas rep told me that what was helpful in my
case was the fact that I had been to the ER at least once while on insulin and
that my numbers were still unstable enough. I still have some fairly serious
lows. Btw, my insurance company is Aetna. And to the lady with Cigna...I'm
sorry, I really am. I've had to deal with them before and I wouldn't wish THAT
one on my worse enemy. Liz

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