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[IP] Insurance frustrations

ive been under pretty good control, for most of my life (more or less)....
there was no way,  any insurance was going to pay for a pump, just to make 
my life better......
SO, i made the decision to eat like a............. well................... 
to blow it,
that did it, 2 a1c's, over 9, (where i was usually 6.4 to 7, in the past, 
on old fashion mdi)
I'm sure they felt, that, considering this situation , it was going to cost 
them more, then the cost of pumping...

My PERSONAL feeling is, the better control you show, without a pump, the 
less chance you have, of them ok'ing it.

imo, from an insurance company's point of view, its cost, not care
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