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[IP] Insurance frustrations!

I was hoping to get on the pump before I report back to work (I'm a 
teacher, and report on Monday).  That obviously isn't happening now.

How has this worked out for others?

I'm insurance with Cigna Insurance.  Diagnosis is uncontrolled diabetes 
-- tried oral, on DMI now and have been since November.

It was doctor's idea to go to the pump.  Researched it and decided on 
Animas.  Doctor finally got all his paperwork in on Friday, July 25.  
We've been told the DME subcontractor was approved the pump and 
forwarded information to Cigna.  Cigna know wants A1C's and progress 
notes from doctor.  Also wants blood sugar value from my meters (which 
I have sent).

Doctor can show my coming in with abnormal blood sugar levels bunches 
of times, though only 3 HA1c's.  Initial was 13, then 6.8 and now 7.5.  
(I did fairly good on control during the schedule year).

How has this gone for others, and how long has it taken?
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