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Re: [IP] Dual Wave

Em, before you make any changes MAKE sure you understand what your doing,
especially if
it is not you that is affected.

A dual wave covers the immediate carbos, and those carbos that fat
generates, fat takes 
a little longer, say 3-4 hours.

One thing that really confuses me is the use of R, why do you need it.

Lastly, i strongly you consult his CDE or Endo.


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>My son, Mich, 11, is using the Paradigm from Minimed.  Can someone please
>explain to me how the dual wave works.  I have read it all and still don't
>understand one major point.
>How is it if his numbers are fine 2 hours after using a regular bolus and
>then changing to using the dual wave with the same amount of insulin over a
>2 hour period to fix his 4 hour numbers how will the 2 hour numbers still be
>Needing a dual wave, would the numbers at the 2 hour mark not be low rather
>than fine?
>Okay, did I make any sense with that question?  We are having a lot of
>trouble with a few meals.  Never had the problem on MDI.  But we were also
>using R for supper.
>Also has anyone else found that specific foods do not work with the insulin
>to carb ratio?  Bread and a few others reck havoc with Mich's numbers.  I
>was thinking of giving him 50% more insulin for these foods.
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