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Re: [IP] Re: breast-fed babies

In a message dated 8/4/03 9:31:20 AM Pacific Standard Time, email @ redacted 

> Who the heck cares whether vaccines are live viruses?  Why would that 
> matter? 
> It's still a virus, something foreign in your body.  The body still 
> recognizes it as foreign. That's why people get fevers sometimes. When my 
> son
> received the MMR vaccine one week later he woke with 102 fever. Brought him 
> to
> the
> doc and was told that was an effect from the vaccine.  Boy, what was it 
> really doing to my child?  Six months later, diagnosed with Type 1.  
> First of all It is good to here that many women breastfeed their babies and 
> still had children diagnosed wit "D" (NOT that it is good that our children 
> have diabetes!) .  I have been feeling guilty for not nursing the required" 
 > length of time. I fed my son cows milk at 6 months and I have been told that
> it is cows milk given before 1 year that triggers diabetes.  I guess we can 
> only do what we can with the knowledge we have at the time and I didn't know 
> about either of these studies.
> It is interesting that you mention that your child was diagnosed 6 months 
> after vaccinations. A friend of mine was diagnosed 6 months after her mumps 
 > vaccination and I was diagnosed 6 months after having the mumps. I 'm
> if others have had the 6 months and/or mumps connection to their or their 
child's diagnosis.

Lynn S.
"D" for 34 years, pumping 8 months, mom to Jesse, age 13, "D" for 8 years and 
looking forward to getting his pump
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