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[IP] Re: Insulin Potency

Sherry C wrote:
>>> I don't know that it was my original idea--I may have read someone else
suggesting it before. But I think it would be a great idea if someone could
come up with a
kind of "litmus" test for insulin. The bottle would come with a little strip
you put a drop on and see what color it turns and that tells you if the
insulin is
"good" or not. Then you know for sure before you ever use it if it has been
by heat or other things. That would help elminate one of the unknowns that
is on
our check list when we have unexpected highs.>>>

I think this is an excellent idea and would also think this would save the
companies $$$ by not having to replace *good* vials. I would hope there
would be at least two strips with each vial so it could be tested again
maybe 1/2 or 3/4 of the way finished in case for some reason it was thought
to be compromised. This should also be a good selling point for the mfg'r
who develops it.

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