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Re: [IP] Going to call MM about Paradigm #8

> OK.. Now, lets see how many responses we get (or... would have gotten):
> "i have never had a problem with MY paradigm, and thing its the greatest"
> (like That makes a difference, to the person, who originated this post)

Well if it helps I really have NO complaints other than the constant
failures/issues ;)  I really do love my pump.. when it is working ;)

I think my "like" of this pump is why I haven't persued getting a different
brand.  This is the LAST one though.. I promise!  if I have to get a
refurbished pump for #10 then clearly that is a problem ;)   If something
happens to the next one (#9, will be here tomorrow)  it's either going to be
"bye-bye minimed" or I am getting a *new* pump from them, no more
refurbished ones!  Especially since clearly the last two pumps have had
motor issues (this one with the noise, the last one just plain quit working
w/ a motor error, like it was jammed), not just "software" problems as
previous pumps did.

It should be interesting to see what software version it's replaced with now
that the 512 is out (hey I'd like a better method to adjust temp basals!),
but that of course was not my motivation for calling.. that noise is driving
me nuts!  I couldn't wait to get off the 508 and now here I am with a
Paradigm making an equally irritating noise!  (For the record, ALL paradigms
make some amout of motor noice when priming and delivering boluses, but
normally it's a faint "whirring" noise, NOT a grindy-click noise, I'm start
to hear/feel it during higher basals as well... like at night.. terribly

Maybe I should try to find a mic around here and record the sound before I
send it back.. it's a very interesting sound ;)

I am a patient person, apparently! LOL!

Here's a run down as best as I can recall as to why pumps were replaced..
First one - Constant "no delivery" alarms with boluses just weeks after
getting my first Paradigm (upgrade from 508)... MM only agreed to replace
the pump when it was shown I could make it happen with the pump NOT attached
to me and after making me fill a new resevior and trying new tubing.  Prior
to that, they of course told me *I* was doing something wrong. I stopped
using that pump after I called because it was too frustrating and went back
on shots for a day.
Second through sixth pumps were replaced for software issues.  Mostly E-21's
where I continued to use the pump intil a new one arrived but I think I had
another weird error in there as well which made them not only send me a new
one, but they told me not to use my pump before the new one arrived as it
couldn't be considered reliable.  Man I'm wishing I'd written that one down
Seventh pump was replaced just about a week after I got it due to a motor
error, it stopped working completely and gave me an error, which it did not
recover from, and I was on shots over the weekend because it happened late
Friday night past when they could ship for Saturday delivery.
Eighth pump is making "grindy-click" noise.. took me several weeks to call
MM about it, but they are sending me yet "another" refurbished one.  I've
had this one since the middle of March, and it's arguably the "longest" I've
kept a single paradigm.

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