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[IP] Please help.....

>  HELP! I am using the Comfort Infusion sets, but I have been having major
> problems with blood entering the tubing. This has happened ever since 
> I started
> pumping. I keep having to change my infusion sets because blood gets 
> into the
> canula and then enters the tubing. Any suggestions? My sites were in 
> my hip and
> thigh. Could that be where the problem lies? I am so new to this, I 
> don't know
> what to try!
> Thanks for the help,
> Christina

Hi Christina:  I've been using the Comfort Infusion sets for 7 months 
and had blood enter the tubing only twice.  During Animas orientation, 
my CDE advised inserting the cannula at a 30 degree angle. 
Pain.....always my best instructor......usually occurs when I angle too 
deeply.  In terms of insertions, I have the added advantage of plenty of 
"adipose" tissue around my middle....abdomen, hips, buttocks.  Good 
luck.  It's worth the effort.

JpB  (Dx'd in mid 40's as T2, now T1)
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