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Re: [IP] Re: breast-fed babies

I was breast fed until I was about 1 1/2, then I was on soy milk until I was
3 because I was allergic to so much stuff as a toddler and I developed type
1 just after I turned 20 when I was pregnant with my son (no, it wasn't GD).
I was horrified something would be wrong with him the entire time I was
pregnant because of when and how I was diagnosed, but he's fine.

I was never able to successfuly breastfeed my son (I'm super senstitive and
he never would latch right)  but I did exclusively pump for him for 4
months.  Then he was just on regular formula until about 11 months when he
refused to drink it anymore, and we switched to whole milk.  He's 2 1/2 and
isn't diabetic.  I just try not to worry I might have messed him up ;)  The
odds of him getting it, I think, are fairly low, even with having gotten
"milk" related products at a young age and whole milk before he should have,
as well as all of his immunizations "on time" according to the Dr's.

No one in my family has type 1, so I tend to think I'm just an oddity ;)
There seem to be plenty of type 2's now that my grandparents are all getting
"old".  Both grandfathers have it.

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