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Re: [IP] Re: breast-fed babies

At 07:12 AM 8/4/2003, you wrote:
>My son Anthony was breastfed exclusively till he was 18 mos.  Diagnosed one
>  month later. Did everything right. It's the vaccines . Some people have that
>genetic predisposition and have weaker immune systems.  So, when a vaccine is
>given it's a virus.  They say that diabetes comes from a virus.

Most vaccines are not live viruses.  so its almost certain that its not 
directly caused by the virus but a "screw up" the body makes in recognizing 
the Beta Cells as self verses non-self.

Another thing that makes it hard to pin-point the direct cause of this 
"screw up" is the lag effect between when the body starts to attack the 
beta cells and when symptoms start to appear..  and this can be from months 
to years from actual initiation.

Brian Carter
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