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Re: [IP] heat and humalog

" NEVER had degredation of Novolog due to

> I think I did.  I had a mostly-empty vial in my purse at a theme park,
> and it was HOT.  What was in the pump seemed OK, but the next time I
> re-filled the pump, my blood sugar quickly rose to 275.  I was sleepy, so
> I trashed the vial and opened a new one.  The next morning my blood sugar
> level was fine.

I live in Florida, have not had problem, even leaving insulin in vial out a
couple days in house.  Even in heat, outside or in a hot car.
There are other reasons Bg could rise to 275, activity, food, stress,
fatigue, & etc.  I can be high, take correction bolus and be 100 or > next
AM, or go low 12:30am-2am.  I have days Bgs are mostly perfect, others I need
to correct every 2 hr.  Change of any med times too I suspect as possibility.

I guess testing & doing something about it is what I try before blaming
If I think insulin may be weakened, I use 1/5 or < insulin carb ratio, to use
insulin up.  If it works for basals, it should work for a bolus, even if I
have to bolus some at start of meal, some toward end of meal.  This should
help if one has a problem with insulin pooling under site, IMO...
I do the best I can.  DM is a challange! Linda K
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