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Re: [IP] heat and humalog

At 7:23 PM -0700 8/3/03, Pam Basinger wrote:
>I live near Palm Springs CA. Even though I'm in air conditioning at 80 degrees
>most of the time the humalog in my pump lasts less than 48 hours before
>drastically loosing potency. I'm going to have to replace insulin every
>morning and that's a drag. Any ideas?
>Thanks to you guys though for your info re. reusing the site, tubing and
>reservoir. That is helping me a lot.

Not sure about Humalog, since I've been pumping Novolog for a couple 
of years now.   But I have NEVER had degredation of Novolog due to 
heat.   I use the same reservoir for 7 days without that problem. 
Granted that it has been cooler lately here in Dallas. It's supposed 
to get down into the 70's tonight and that can be downright chilly! 
But our highs will be near 100 most of next week.  Shoot, your 
insulin sits in 98.6 degree weather when it gets pumped into you. 
Are you sure this isn't just a site problem or maybe a Humalog 
allergy?      :>)

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