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[IP] how often does your infusion set come out/fail?

Hi All,

I'm wondering if I could get some feedback on the reliability of the different
types of infusion sets.  My pump trainer says that very thin people have a
greater tendency to pop out their Soft sets, especially a 6mm cannula, but I
hear a lot of people talking about bent cannulas with the Silhouettes.  Does
anyone have any ideas on which sets seem to absorb better/come out less for
thinner folks?

By the way, I appreciate all the replies I got a couple months ago when trying
to decide on using the Sils and the Sil-serter.  Your help was greatly used.
I use my Sil sets, but haven't used the serter yet (maybe I never will, it
looks like a torture device).  I have no problem inserting my Sil sets, but
some of my sites are more tender than others.  After all the talk in the pump
literature I wonder is there really a way to have an infusion set that is
totally unnoticeable?

Thanks for the help!  Yessi Palmer
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