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RE: [IP] Disetronic/FDA matter

At 6:24 PM -0400 8/2/03, Elizabeth Ramsey wrote:
>We ARENT the rest of the world. We have standards they
>dont and yes, they may seem stupid but they have saved peoples lives

And THEY have standards that WE DON'T.   For instance, in Canada the 
sale of saccharin is banned, but the use of cyclamates is allowed. 
Seems to me that the FDA is really backwards on that situation as 
studies have proven that saccharin can be carcinogenic, but 
cyclamates require massively large doses to match the effect of 
smaller amounts saccharin.

So, to me it is not important if pump companies use the American 
style of manufacturing.  I think the Swiss style has proven itself 
not only over time, but for quite a long time they have been keeping 
good time!      ;>)

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